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Jenna L. (rising 5th grader)

Similar to our society, there are many different roles within a pack of wolves. Each wolf understands that they possess an important role in their pack. Parallel to the leaders needed to keep our communities thriving, Alphas also have a very important role as the leader of their pack. Alpha is a special rank. This special rank is usually for males; it is the highest rank any wolf can get. They need to protect the rest of their pack from intruders trying to take control of the land. As a result, these creatures are quiet, confident, and self-assured. They know what is best for the pack. The Alpha chooses which creatures they want to hunt and where they can track them. An Alpha makes all the decisions, and the rest of the pack follows like an army. Though most of the time Alphas are respected, they can be challenged for the spot as Alpha. Alphas may have control over their pack, but to get that rank, many attempt something very strange. To begin with, when the wolves are grown, like many creatures, they leave the pack of their parents and gather other wolves to form a new pack. Next, the new pack will choose the new Alpha. Some Alphas are chosen by their strength or alliances with pack members; however, this is rare. Most Alphas are chosen by simply being the parent of most of the pack as it is easier to get. As the chosen leader of the pack, an Alpha usually has many offerings, but there can be some disagreements. They have many opportunities as Alphas that the usual wolves don't get, such as they are the only males that can mate or have the first bite of the fresh kills. They have greater access to money and domination than any other rank, even a Beta. In other words, most will want the spot as Alpha. Though most of the time alphas are respected, they can be challenged. Alpha is the leader, but there will always be those wolves that will challenge their position. To conclude, an Alpha’s role is important as the pack would turn into chaos without a good leader. When a pack of wolves has a wonderful Alpha, they are ready to face any challenge.
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