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The Basics of the Real Life Quidditch Sport

Roy D. (rising 4th grader)

Have you ever wondered what real-life Harry Potter would be like?! Well, Quidditch, a popular sport from the series, is now an official sport for muggles! 

It is played in almost the exact way, but we all know that we can’t fly. This might be a little awkward, but it still has to broom. There are still the main seven players for each team, one seeker, two beaters, three chasers, one keeper, and what is a game of Quidditch without the Quaffle, Bludgers, and of course, the snitch witch is a person with a tennis ball tied to their bottom. 

In the fictional Quidditch game, the chasers catch and throw the Quaffle into one of three hoops to gain their team extra points. This is played the exact way in real life! Even though in the movies the Golden snitch is a ball, the real life one is a human! The reason the snitch is a person is because it will be very easy to try to catch the snitch without it moving and they aren’t going to make a ball that flies with wings. Lastly, the fictional Bludgers are basically the opposite of their real-life counterparts. They are different because, in the movie, getting hit means your bones break! But the real-life version is just a soft dodgeball. 

Next, the two most difficult jobs in Quidditch are the chasers and beaters. Chasers need to handle the Quaffle while not trying to get hit by Bludgers and the beaters need to try to hit the Bludgers to their opposite team members to knock them out of the game temporarily. Then, there are seekers. The most popular players, seekers are the key to winning the game because when a seeker catches the snitch the team wins the game. 

 In the Harry Potter series, while playing Quidditch brooms are important, and if you break yours, then trouble awaits, when you break your broom, you will get a penalty. Broom sticks are one of the most important things in Quidditch, so they are not to be messed with. 

In conclusion, Quidditch is a dangerous but popular sport! It first started in the book, then to the big screen, and now real life. You might not be able to fly, but it is still fun. Quidditch is a very fun, popular, and basic sport!

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