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Flying Under the Clouds

Kevin S. (rising 5th grader)

I was flying right beneath the clouds. I was shivering from the cold. If I fell, I would drown and die in the ocean, but I was not afraid of that. I was rather cheerful. Today was the day my family and I would go parasailing over the glorious blue ocean.

As day three came, my family was all ready to go on an adventure in Cancun. We already traveled to all the Mayan Pyramids and the beach. We even got to go to the game room!

“What could be next?” I thought. 

“What could be more fun than this?” I wondered.

I got an answer pretty quickly. 

“We are going parasailing?” I asked.

My mom just nodded her head.

At first, the idea of soaring in the sky with only a rope connected to the boat scared me to death. I immediately pulled myself together and calmed down. I believed that if my parents were to choose this activity, then it would be safe for me to go.

First, I timidly climbed on a jetski to journey a short way to the boat filled with the people that would send us flying in the air. As time passed we finally got our turn. I was so frightened at that point that I almost asked if I should write my will!

Next, I slowly climbed into the reach of the parachute that was going to hold me. I could not run or do anything. As I slowly ascended, I froze on the spot. I prayed that I would be okay. When we reached maximum height, I was glad I did not fall.

A few moments later, I felt pretty convinced that I would not die on this trip. As time went by, I grew more and more confident. I grew so confident, that I smiled and laughed the rest of the trip.

After we were reeled in and guided back to the main beach, I asked my parents if I could do this again next time.

“Maybe next year,” she replied.

“Hooray!” I yelled.

To sum it up, we all had a blast. I finally learned that, “When you feel like giving up on climbing the mountain, just think about the view from the top.” I recommend parasailing for everyone. Hopefully I will return to Cancun to parasail again.

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