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Jason L. (rising 5th grader)

Imagine coming home just to realize your cat has left once again to wander off. "If only I had a dog,” you think. You hear stories from your friends like whenever he comes home, his dog jumps on his lap and licks his face. Jealousy stirs in the pit of your diaphragm. People think that cats are better than dogs, but I think not.Dogs are superior pets because they are playful, loyal, and they are trainable. If you have ever had a dog, they would be very playful like my neighbors dog. Cats on the other hand, just sleep most of the day, and wander around the street. If you look at pictures of dogs or if you meet one, the dog would look very playful and happy but if you have ever met a cat, they just eat sleep and sometimes you see cats wander around the neighborhood. This is not preferred because sometimes the owners think that they lost their cat but really, the cats always know the way home and the owner is relieved. The thing is sometimes the cat actually runs away and the owner thinks that the cat will come back but it doesn't so you never know when it is just exploring or actually not coming back. Dogs are loyal followers who listen to their masters while cats could care less. They just use you as their food source and have no other benefit. If you have ever owned a cat, you would know that cats just don't care about their owners and don't even try to act like it. But dogs are very faithful like for example one dog owner deceased, but the dog stayed put right in his master's apartment for nearly a week. You might be asking “What if the dog bites you?” Well first of all, cats can scratch and if you train the dog, the dog won't bite and will be very friendly. Dogs can also smell fear so if you are scared, you wouldn't be bitten but if you are, you might get bitten so don't be afraid of the dog if you don't want to be bitten. Dogs can be easily trained unlike cats who are stubborn and scratch a lot. To train a dog isn't very hard. You could either train them yourself, or let the professionals train them. If you want to train them yourself, start by using treats as rewards so they listen to you. Then tell them to do something like sit or talk. Then you can move on to the harder ones. My teacher had a dog and taught him a move called Bang Bang witch is a move where the owner uses their hand to make a gun and say bang bang so the dog can play dead. This is a complicated trick and this is only for advanced training. So get started training your dog! Dogs are better than cats in 3 ways. They are playful, loyal, and if you train them, they don't bite. If you can train your dog, you can avoid lots of problems like biting, barking, etc. So next time you’re walking down the street, consider going to your local humane society and maybe, just maybe, consider adopting a dog!

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