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Dinner Guests

Maxine X. (rising 2nd grader)

“Mom! Dad! You said I could invite two people to the dinner party. I know who to invite, Daisy Meadows and Beyoncé!” I exclaimed. “Why would you want to invite Daisy Meadows and Beyoncé?” asked mom. “I want to invite Daisy meadows because she can teach me how to write a book. Daisy meadows is famous. She wrote over 100 books for children. Her Rainbow Magic series is a New York Times best seller. She is my favorite author because her books are so creative. “Ok you can invite Daisy Meadows but why do you want to invite Beyoncé?” asked dad. “I want to invite Beyoncé because she is my favorite singer and can teach me how to dance. She is extremely popular because she got 24 Grammy awards!” I said. “Ok you can invite Daisy Meadows and Beyoncé.” Said mom. “Yay!” I said. I am so glad Daisy Meadows and Beyoncé are coming to our dinner party. I wonder who you would bring to your dinner party.
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