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Dance Dream

Taylor Y. (rising 6th grader)

As soon as the host announced my name, I jostled up and down like a jelly bean. When I stepped in the room, I could see a blur of colors as I watched dancers move like beautiful swans. The colors felt like a beaming rainbow inside. I witnessed my sister win a scholarship at NYCDA and Radix. When I saw her, I dreamt my hardest to get my potential out there, but it never happened. 

When the convention first started, I was shivering, my knees felt wobbly, and I was anxiously waiting to be observed and didn’t have confidence in people watching me dance. I had those feelings inside me because there were a lot of great dancers competing with me in my age group. My body had always been strong, like an energetic monkey, but I was not that excited and energetic to get a scholarship like I had before. I felt my strength stop growing like a roller coaster stopping in the middle of the ride. 

Before I stepped on my last step to journey to NUVO, I thought my hopes would be dashed as a light bulb without any energy. I used every last bit of my strength to perform like a battery charger on its last life. On my last day at NUVO, I daydreamt that I wouldn’t get a scholarship. That blur of imagination popped when I released it. As I was listening to them call out scholarships, my stomach exploded with millions of butterflies hatching from their metamorphic phase. I sighed with relief and heard a word of my hope as a breeze of air passed. I realized that the host called my name for a dance scholarship. 

When I walked through the house door, I was jumping like a kangaroo for getting my first scholarship. Eek! From that day on, I learned to never give up and work through my obstacles. I will never forget the time in my life when I got my first scholarship. I won’t let it pop from my mind like a balloon. 

To sum it up, I accomplished my dream by working hard. Even though I was anxious and didn’t have confidence during the convention, I overcame it by imagining nobody was watching me dance. People can accomplish their dreams by working hard and following their dreams.

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