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Best Game Ever

Tristan L. (rising 3rd grader)

Wouldn’t you like to play a game that is amusing? I believe everyone in the world should play chess. Chess has many important rules that make the game enjoyable. There are also chess tournaments, and you should participate in one. If you win chess tournaments, you can become famous. To begin with, the rules about chess and the chessboard are important and make the game challenging. For instance: the board has sixty-four squares, thirty-two white squares, and thirty-two black or brown squares. On the side of the chess board, there are numbers one to eight, and on the front and back there are letters A to H. (where you put all the pieces). Additionally, a pawn can dash forward one square or kill pieces diagonally one square. A knight can leap over pieces in an L shape in any direction. A bishop can drift diagonally across the board in any direction. A rook can rush vertically and horizontally across the board in any direction. A queen can glide across the board in any direction, but it can’t go in an L shape or go over pieces. And finally, a king can advance one square in any direction. This means different pieces can move in different ways. These are some of the important rules of chess. To begin with, if you join a chess class and learn to play well, you can compete in tournaments. For instance, you can challenge people from different states, probably anywhere! Around the world, a whole lot of people play chess. Additionally, there are a lot of excellent chess players to battle at tournaments. You should challenge people to win games. If you want to be a marvelous person, you can be an awesome chess player. For instance, in the competitive game of chess, you can practice being an excellent chess player. If you're wonderful at chess, you could challenge tournaments. Additionally, if you go to more superb tournaments, you can be more popular. Popular tournaments are really strong, so if you beat really strong tournaments, you’re strong and can be well known. I think you should be a popular chess player. In conclusion, I believe everyone in the world should be marvelous at chess. Chess has important rules that make the game thrilling; if you win chess tournaments, you can become a famed chess player. Immediately register for chess classes and train!
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