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Benjamin Franklin

Daniel F. (rising 3rd grader)

Have you learned about Benjamin Franklin? Well, I have! Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was an inventor, publisher, and scientist. He invented many things. His inventions made our life easier. He also did many experiments about electricity. Do you want to learn more about him? Ben was born in January17,1706 in Boston Massachusetts. Franklin was the 15th and youngest child in his family. Ben taught himself to swim at a very young age. Franklin’s father was Josiah Franklin, a candlemaker and a soap maker. Benjamin Franklin learned at Boston Latin school. But he stopped going to school and started his job. He worked for his Dad’s candle and soap shop. He later worked for his older brother James. Franklin learned a great deal about newspaper publishing. Ben invented a lot of great things. He was so smart that his brain could explode. His inventions include: Franklin stove, Bifocals, Harmonica, Lightning Rod, Rocking chair, and the American Penny. His face is on the $100 bill. Ben had an experiment about electricity and learned that lightning was electricity. Ben flied a kite during a thunderstorm and got a little shock when lightning struck his kite. It proved that lighting was electricity because if electricity touches metal it gives out a shock. Ben was so eager to protect us Ben decided to invent the lightning rod to protect us from electricity (lightning)in thunderstorms. Also, Benjamin Franklin was a successful publisher, publishing pamphlets, books, newspapers and his almanack “Poor Richard's Almanack”. He often made cartoons and published them in his newspapers. But, his cartoons were not just for fun. In 1754, he put his Join or Die cartoon in the newspaper. In the cartoon it showed a snake that was cut and each part was one state in America. If the colonies didn’t fight together they would not get their freedom. All the colonies agreed to fight together and won the war. They won their freedom at last! After the war, Ben helped to draft the Declaration of Independence. In Ben’s life he invented many useful things. Ben also published newspapers and his almanack, made cartoons, and did scientific experiments. He knew and did a lot of things. I think he is an interesting and great person. He inspired me a lot. He inspired me to try scientific experiments.
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