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All About Maltese

Chelsea H. (rising 4th grader)

Imagine being a fifth of your normal size and seeing a chair as an enormous object. That is how Maltese dogs see things. You can keep their hair stylish by taking proper care of them. They have a very ancient bloodline and amazing characteristics. They have a lot in store! Maltese are amazingly easy to take care of if you follow these tips. They should have proper grooming (baths and hair brushing) every week. Their hair should be trimmed by a person with experience every 3-5 months, depending on the length that you want it to be. They should also have at least one walk every day because they are very energetic but do not need many walks. They need to eat two to three meals a day to keep their energy up. Maltese are cute and energetic, and they act like little athletes! They are very energetic, so they are sometimes trained to be watchdogs. In that case, they are very alert and intelligent watchdogs. They are very hardy and adaptable so you can bring them to a new house or on vacation without much of a fuss. They are also sometimes very stubborn, and they can be a big laugh at times. My Maltese named Charcoal once tried to bury his food on the carpet! He put his nose on the food, and then he put his nose on the carpet! Maltese bloodline can be traced back to when the Phoenicians introduced them to the island of Malta. When they were brought to other countries, they became favorites of French royalty. Unfortunately, later this led to the eagerness of having them to be as small as possible. When people started to make them smaller and smaller to the point where they were the size of squirrels, they were almost wiped out. Finally, they were introduced in America during the late 1800’s and officially recognized in the American Kennel Club in 1888. Does the idea of a Maltese now fill your head? They need a routine of care that is as unique as their characteristics. They have an interesting bloodline that you can explore, and so much more! So next time you think of getting a pet, consider a Maltese!

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