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Going for Gold.

Our students received 97 awards, including seven National Gold and Silver Medals in the 2023 Scholastic Writing Contest.

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(Classes will be divided based on grade level. Students can take multiple sessions with a discount. Contents not repeated between different sessions.)

Get ready for an exciting and enriching summer with our flagship reading and writing summer camp course! This course is the perfect blend of fun and effectiveness, designed to help students improve their reading and writing skills in just a few short weeks.

Our course consists of three integrated parts that work together to build a solid foundation in reading and writing.

Enroll your child in our summer camp course and watch them grow into a confident and skilled reader and writer.

2024 Summer Camp Literature Analysis, and Essay Writing Workshop

(Rising 7th-12th) Our academic writing class has a track record of producing successful students, who have earned over 150 awards in the prestigious Scholastic National Writing Contests in the past two years. This includes a national gold medal and two national silver medals, which attests to the high-level writing skills our students possess. Such accomplishments provide a significant advantage when applying to private high schools or colleges.​

Scholastic Contest Academic Writing (A520)

(Rising 7th - 12th)
Our experienced teacher will guide students through the process of turning a blank sheet of paper into a captivating tale, weaving together different voices and plots to create something truly remarkable. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to workshop their drafts and receive personalized feedback, helping them refine their writing skills and produce polished work that meets the high standards of the Scholastic Writing Contest.
(Course includes 30-minute private session)

Scholastic Contest Creative Writing Workshop (A524)

Our top picks, for you.

Student Achievements

Take a look at the awards won by our students in writing and debate.


Student Achievements

Take a look at the awards won by our students in writing and debate.

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